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The Benefits Of Surveillance

Protect Your Investment ​

Your facility and equipment is extremely valuable, having the ability to keep an eye on it is invaluable. Not to mention the most valuable commodity of all, your staff.

Mobile Monitoring​

Stream live video to your mobile device to be able to check in from anywhere you have cellular service.

Prevent Theft​

Simply having the system installed will give potential thefts or vandals a moment of pause. Not to mention give your staff the knowledge that they are being watched over.


We offer a number of solutions to help you take control of your business. 

Our Services and Solutions

IP & Analog Cameras

Flexible options to meet all your needs.


High quality images, encrypted and stored on/off-site or in the cloud

American Made

We work with American manufacturers that stand behind their products

What Can My Company Acheive?

High-quality surveillance cameras are a critical component of physical security. We will provide on-site support to determine the solution that best fits your company’s needs. Whether you work in a high-risk field or simply wish to have piece of mind, we will be there to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long will video playback go back?

This all depends on the number of cameras you have collecting images, as well as your storage solution. We typically recommend 30 days worth of storage, but can provide a solution to best fit your needs.

Are the cameras protected from vandalism?

Yes. We connect the cameras with cables that will be safe from reaching hands. If exterior cameras are required and penetrations are impossible, we can be provide rigid conduit to protect from anyone trying to disconnect your camera.

Can I easily access my video files from off-site?

Yes. Even live feeds are available through the applications we provide. Whether your data is stored on your local network, or in the cloud, we will provide access to reach them anywhere with your credentials.

Is adding additional storage expensive?

Data storage can prove to be one of the more costly items when it comes to surveillance systems. That is why we only work with the most trusted vendors, including Cisco and AWS so that the data storage solutions we provide are the most scalable and cost effective solutions possible.

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