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The Benefits Of Structured Cabling


Keeping your IT closet organized and free of tangled wires and clutter not only makes future changes and troubleshooting easier, it keeps equipment ventilated and cooler thus prolonging their usable life.

Cost Savings

Working to create a well laid out IT closet will enable us to perform any adds/move/changes in the future at reduced labor costs. Adding equipment or taking inventory of current equipment will never be easier.

Tailored Solutions

All wire management provided is tailor fit for your specific needs. We will work tirelessly to make sure that your IT infrastructure is set up for peak performance and efficiency, while provided cost saving solutions.


We offer a number of solutions to help you take control of your business. Our approach to technology is quite unique, combining structured process with the ability to customize each solution for each client, creating a truly flexible service.

Structured Cabling Products & Solutions


This cost effective solution is ideal for most clients.

Cat6 Plenum

High quality product to facilitate diverse infrastructures.

Fiber Optic

Highest quality & speed to meet any needs

We approach every project with the customer in mind. We identify your needs, your wants, and your budget.

Upgrading is more affordable than ever

Upgrading your office’s infrastructure could save you money and many headaches down the road. IT equipment is only as good as its weakest link. If you have high end equipment connected by outdated and untested cabling you may not reach the performance levels you expect to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need to rewire my office for new phone or computers?

In many cases, no. If your building has cabling available at each user’s location and has been done within the last few years we can often reuse the existing cabling. This will all be determined in a no risk/fee on-site survey.

Is it disruptive?

Our techs take the greatest effort to minimize the impact your office and working hours. If after hours or weekends are preferred to complete any project, we will always do as the customer requests. Adding a few cables in relation to adding equipment versus a rewire often doesn’t disrupt your office at all.

My rack is a mess, can you reorganize it?

We take great pride in our wire management and organization. Even if you don’t need new cables run we are happy to provide a quote to completely reorganize your rack. This can include new patch cords (appropriate length and color), wire management, as well as testing and relabeling. 

Can cabling be financed?

Yes. If you are purchasing new equipment or engaging in managed services from us we can offer cabling services including in those arrangements.

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