Hosted Solutions

Hosted Email & Network Solutions
For small businesses, installing and maintaining a large IT infrastructure is plainly too expensive, but they need enterprise features. A hosted solution will bring all of those highly demanded features to every user, without needing a large capital investment.

Hosted email and networking services reduce the complexity of setting up user accounts and emails for small businesses, who may not have a dedicated IT person or staff. Solutions from Office365 can even include licensing for the popular Microsoft Office suite of software, and other solutions can help connect your business locations, share files, and more.

Hosted Telephone Service
Similar to email and networking services, there are many hosted VOIP service providers that offer small businesses the same benefits: access to enterprise features, simple to use and configure, does not require an in-house IT department.

A hosted VOIP solution might be right for your business, and can include great features such as efax integration, the ability to log into your phone from home, and more. Let us configure a solution that meets your needs and your budget.