Data & Networking Equipment

Data & Networking Equipment

Wide Area Networks

CommPath can help you design a wide area network (WAN) that connects your business, boosts productivity, and lowers costs. An effective solution will help keep your employees in contact with each other and with your most important customers, and because employees will be able to connect seamlessly from anywhere, they can spend more time focusing on what’s important.

A wide area network can also provide a number of benefits such as redundancy and failover capabilities as part of disaster recovery planning, distribute the workload across multiple locations, and unifying communications.

Servers & Switches

In addition to providing network services, CommPath can also recommend and help install and maintain servers and switches, including Microsoft Windows servers or Linux based distributions. We maintain professional certifications with multiple manufacturers in order to meet your needs and your budget.

Upgrading and maintaining these mission critical systems can potentially save your company by minimizing downtime, consolidating your infrastructure, and lowering your power consumption.


Businesses worldwide are discovering the benefits of virtualization, being able to share computing resources across many different “virtual” servers. Consolidating your IT equipment can improve performance and lower costs. Running virtual servers over traditional can offer a number of benefits including: faster provisioning time, easier backups, less expensive licensing, and more.