Work From Home and Still Show Up!

We are dedicated to helping your business navigate the uncertainly surrounding COVID-19. We are taking extraordinary efforts internally to protect our workers, including increased sanitation requirements to limit the potential spread while working at different locations throughout the day. All equipment is being diligently cleaned before being deployed (as is standard practice for us). Below is how we can help your business stay productive during this temporary crisis. We have a range of solutions fitting every individual need and budget. 0% markup on upgrade licenses as well as our cost to you on remote worker licenses. We have been dedicated to our customers for 40+ years, and we will continue to be dedicated to you today. If you are not a current customer we will be happy to navigate through your options with you.

Here are some options we can provide:

  1. We can upgrade your system at no mark up (education providers may get $0 upgrade cost) to allow for the addition of power users that can work from home as if working from their desk. This would be the total solution that would give your employees the presence online so they can see who is at their “desk”, run web conference meetings, screen shared presentations, and instant messaging. This is all available through the Avaya IX platform.
  2. For businesses that don’t require as much collaboration between employees we can certainly help setting up an emergency Auto Attendant to notify callers that, while the office is closed, you are still working! We can forward every worker’s extension to the number of their choice as well as provide a dial by directory option.
  3. VM to Email will be an inexpensive option to deploy while forwarding calls to cell and home phones as when a call is missed it will bounce back to your desk phone. VM to Email provided by Commpath Cloud will take those messages and send them to your email as soon as their left.

Best Practices for Success with Remote Workers:

If you are planning on deploying a remote workforce these are some things to consider:

  1. Policies and procedures should be reviewed by management to focus on job responsibilities, organizational and departmental goals, customer impact, and employee performance.
  2. Not all roles and positions are suited to remote work. Limiting even just a small percentage of your workforce to an office environment can help limit the risk of exposure.
  3. Make support readily available. “Presence” is important to making sure your employees continue to feel part of a team.
  4. We will be with you every step of the way to navigate the uncertainty surrounding this situation.

Please call us today to stay ahead of any possible service interruptions at 516-370-8000. We are here to help and during this crisis we are offering significant discounts on licensing costs to limit the impact this may have on businesses. We are here to provide peace of mind and help your business continue thriving.





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